Most of our clients are taking part in a stream of steady events and book tours. For example, we were with a client this past weekend in New York City speaking at BookCon, and the entire Worthy Marketing Team attended a book signing of a client in Atlanta earlier this year. A few years ago this was more of an exception among our authors; while they may have landed a relationship with a Speaking Bureau or had an occasional event, it was not as common to hit the road to promote the book or build their brand.

Since it has become a regular part of a pre- or post-book launch plan, clients often have questions about how they should promote their event on social media.

It’s the perfect opportunity to take pictures. You likely have a preferred platform for posting, and Instagram is the most obvious medium for images, but if you get the right shots they will work across all platforms.  

some great ideas for photos:

  • ‘Backstage’ type pictures… you getting ready to go out ‘on stage’
  • Pictures from behind the audience showing you speaking in front of the audience
  • Pictures of you at the signing table
  • Pictures from the stage (if you can get them)
  • Pictures of you hobnobbing with attendees – both from farther away and close up (group and your arm around each other, etc.)
  • Pictures of anything fun and event branded – programs, food, etc.
  • Pictures of you holding the book (once published or an advance reader’s copy)

After you have the pictures you can easily use them on social media and in your newsletter after the event. Instagraming or Tweeting during the event aren’t necessary – just as much traction to share after the fact!

advanced-level suggestion:

Remember, during an event, you’ll be busy–but, if you get a chance or have someone with you who can man the phone then it’s great to send one ‘in the moment’ style photo out. Remember to tag co-event participants and use any relevant hashtags from the event you’re at. Of course, a video is also great, but that requires more planning to pull off well.

Events are fun! Your audience will be excited to see the images you post, so try not to be intimidated and don’t forget to get these shots!

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How to Take (and use) Event Photos | The Worthy Marketing Group Blog