The Worthy Author Collective

A select community of non-fiction authors banded together for six months to learn, collaborate, and launch your book into the world.

You’ve written the book of your life and now you’re ready to turn your attention to getting it out into the world — to those that will really benefit from its message.

Maybe you’re working with a publisher or perhaps you’re self-publishing. Either way, you’re still a bit murky as to HOW to best launch your book. There’s a lot of webinars, blog posts and Facebook advice on marketing tips, but what REALLY works best? What’s a waste of time?

And surely there’s got to be other authors in your same position looking for the same guidance and support, right? 

You don’t have to navigate this alone.

Hi, I’m Jayme Johnson, founder of Worthy Marketing Group. This January, my team here at Worthy Marketing Group is opening up the doors to a new kind of program integrating some of the same work we’ve been doing for the last decade helping authors like Brené Brown, Gretchen Rubin, Eric Ries, Jonathan Fields, Marcus Buckingham…and dozens of others, launch their books and grow their brands.

The difference?

1. You won’t have to shell out $35K+ to hire our team 🙂

2. You’ll be in a select community of other non-fiction authors also launching their books in 2018 — committed to helping one another with promotion, mutual reviews, etc.

3. You’ll still have me and my team to offer my expertise and guidance along the journey.

The Worthy Author Collective

Part teaching. Part mastermind. Part practical tactics. But perhaps best of all, a supportive network of other authors to help you get your book into the right hands at the right time.

This program will be capped at only 40 participants to ensure quality connection within the group, so if you’re interested, apply today!

Here’s a rundown of the specifics of the Collective: 

Virtual Retreat Kickoff

Our goal is to foster a supportive environment as well as provide you with the tools you need to launch your book. Part of why the program is by application only is because we won’t be allowing just any author into the program — we will be cultivating a community of positive, giving, good-vibes, get-er-done folks. And because a strong community is KEY to this program, we’ll kick off with a 1/2 day virtual online retreat (via Zoom) on either Wednesday, January 24th OR Saturday, January 27th (we’ll pick the best date that works for our group) to give everyone a chance to get to know one another as we begin. This virtual retreat is an important starting point, so if you aren’t able to make either of the dates above — it’s best you don’t apply at this time.

Monthly Strategic Calls

Each month, Jayme and team WMG will share solid strategies that work to launch your book via a virtual Zoom session, along with tips and how-tos for implementation. Topics will be customized to our specific group, but will likely include common launch tactics like:

+The #1 Marketing Tool for every new author — how to build and effectively USE your email list.

+Make social media advertising work for you. How to best leverage advertising options open to you and not waste your money along the way.

+The Pre-order Campaign. Generate excitement, reward your loyal readers (and new fans), and position your book to succeed its week of release.

+Publicity 101: How to best connect with top bloggers and podcasters to get the word out, the perfect review strategy, and the ins-and-outs of book tours.

+How to work with your publisher. What is realistic to expect of them? What should you be asking?

+Contests and giveaways. When to run a contest or giveaway, when to skip it, and how to keep it legal!

+Launch day is a beginning, not an end — how to leverage your book to get your worthy message into the hands that need it most by designing complimentary courses, classes and other offerings related to your book.

Bi-weekly office hours & co-working sessions

Working on your launch in a vacuum can get a little lonely. That’s why twice a month (at varying times to hit everyone’s time zones) we’ll get together in a virtual co-working space over a two-hour window to get things done — together. These times will be a mix of Q&A with Jayme and the WMG team, as well as simply collaborating on one another’s tasks, getting support and feedback, etc. And of course, coffee and doughnuts are always welcome!

Private Online Communication Channel

Sometimes we’ll want feedback in-the-moment and in-between our bi-weekly office hours. Therefore, we’ll utilize a simple-to-use private communication channel where we can all share one another’s ideas, ask questions, and collaborate in real time, as needed. And while this will be primarily for connection among all Collective members, Jayme and team Worthy will make sure to drop in a few times a week to ensure that no question goes unanswered.

Sounds great, right? So, what’s it gonna cost you?

One Payment (Get one month free!)


Six Monthly Payments


Want In? Apply Today!

Have more questions? We’ve got answers!

Who is the Worthy Author Collective for?

Nonfiction authors who are planning to launch their book sometime in 2018 and are looking support and strategies around marketing. Ideally, you would also have a larger business behind your book — whether speaking, consulting, coaching, selling online courses or other products, so you can utilize the launch of the book to grow the larger brand & business.

How much does the program cost?

The Worthy Author Collective is $250 per month (six monthly payments) or one payment of $1,250. If you select the monthly payment plan, your first payment will be charged upon acceptance into the Collective. Subsequent payments will be billed on the first of each month.

How long does the program last?

The Worthy Author Collective is a six month program, beginning in January of 2018 and running through the end of  July, 2018.

Should I be at a certain “level” to benefit from the Collective?

Because we’d love for everyone within the group to support and help promote one another’s work when books launch, we’re looking for authors that are all at a similar stage in their author journey. Whether it’s your first or 5th book, we’d love it if each author that applies has a social media following of at least 2,000 (cumulative) fans/followers across platforms and is regularly communicating with their communities whether through blog posts, e-newsletters or engagement on social media.

Who’s this NOT for?

Fiction authors (sorry!) and people that aren’t collaborative and don’t want to support other authors’ success. We want each member of this community to enter in with an understanding that we’re here to build one another up and support one another’s goals. A rising tide lifts all boats! Grumps and curmudgeons need not apply. 

Does my book need to be finished?

In order to get the most from the program and to provide the most value to the other participants, your book should be ready to launch in 2018. Understanding that different authors go through their writing/publication journey differently, your book may not be completely finished at time of application into the program, but, it’s fair to say that if you don’t at least have one full draft of your book in the can, it’s probably best for you to wait. Launching and marketing your book are big initiatives, and if you’re trying to launch AND write/edit simultaneously, you might be biting off more than you can chew. BUT — don’t fear! We plan to launch a second round of the program in June 2018, so if you’re really itching to get in, work on finishing your writing the first half of 2018 and join us in a few months!

Join the Collective

We’ll be launching our inaugural group in January, and membership is by application only, so submit your application today.

I ’d love to help you bring your worthy work into the world in 2018. I hope to meet you soon!

Team Worthy Marketing Group

The Worthy Author Collective is all about community. In addition to your Collective cohort, members of Worthy Marketing Group will be joining in and sharing their individual expertise along the way.

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