Sometimes our clients’ books just hit home, and that was certainly true of Kelly McNelis, founder of Women for One. Her new book, Your Messy Brilliance: 7 Tools for the Perfectly Imperfect Woman, overturns one of the most harmful myths in our culture: that there is a recipe for perfection. Kelly believes in telling the truth and her book is about how there are no magic pills or formulas to get you the “perfect” life, but there’s something even better: your own messy brilliance!

We took on Kelly as a client because we love her energy and passion for helping women understand the beauty in their so-called “mess.” We love sharing how our clients’ books personally impact us as a team. Today, our Director of Operations, Leslie Brogdon, is sharing how Kelly’s book has reminded her of an important truth:

After working for about ten years in the nonprofit sector in a therapeutic capacity, I felt really overwhelmed. People kept telling me that making a difference in the life of one person meant that all the energy I was putting into my job was worth it, but I’d gotten to the point that I just felt hopeless. So, I started seeing a counselor who taught me some new coping techniques for my anxiety and depression.

In Your Messy Brilliance, Kelly encourages readers to dive in and acknowledge their needs, and in doing that we recognize some of our judgments. I realized that I was being hard on myself for needing therapy even though I’d worked as a therapist! I totally fell for the lie that because I helped others, I should have been able to help myself.

I would never have treated someone else like they were weak for getting help – I wouldn’t have thought that about them at all. Kelly reminded me that I need to be more gracious with myself. Part of my purpose is to help others in seasons of fatigue when they are burnt out and hopeless and Kelly’s book has helped me claim that greatness.

We hope Your Messy Brilliance helps others realize that they aren’t alone. May we share our truth and continue to be bold and courageous!

Book Launch Details: Kelly McNellis YOUR MESSY BRILLANCE | The Worthy Marketing Group Blog

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