Learn the best book marketing strategies from one of the world’s top experts, in a 4-day Live Lab.

You’re an entrepreneur, coach, creative, world-shaker, maybe all of the above, longing to make an impact in the world. You’re writing a book to share your message, your expertise, and your vision for the future. You know it’s going to take a lot of research, flashes of inspiration, and long hours hunkered down with your computer to bring your voice to the page.

But that’s ok. That’s what you signed up for because your message matters and having it in book form is something that will leave a mark on the world. It’ll be in bookstores. Libraries. It’ll win awards. People will be abuzz and excited to share about it across the web.

Sounds great! But…(you knew there was a “but”, didn’t you?)

The unfortunate truth is that the average nonfiction book in the United States sells only 250 copies.

Talk about a downer. 

From a financial perspective, it doesn’t make sense when you consider the low royalty you’ll receive (which varies based on publishing method), the expenses for the editing of the manuscript, the cover design, the layout of the book, and any investment you may make in marketing the book…you can see, you’re not exactly getting rich from the book alone.

Why is it even worth all the early mornings, late nights, and weekends away from your family to write this thing?

Because your book is a marketing brochure for your larger business.

You have to write and publish your book with this in mind for any chance of making significant money.

I’m Jayme Johnson, Founder and CEO of Worthy Marketing Group and for 18 years I’ve worked with authors helping them do this very thing: leverage the power of a book to grow their larger business.

Through consulting, speaking, or online courses, we see the larger picture with all of our clients. We understand how launching a book can exponentially raise awareness and raise revenue for your entrepreneurial venture or established business.

I’ve worked with big-name New York Times bestselling authors you no-doubt know, as well as authors just getting started—some with literally no sizable platform, no email list, zip, zilch—to launch their books and significantly grow their businesses. 

I want to help you do the same!

I’m teaching the strategies I know work (and those that don’t) from over eighteen years of launching dozens of bestselling books, in a 4-day, live, Book Launch Lab.


Our proprietary Book Launch Lab framework (yes, it’s designed like a molecule because, branding 😉) teaches you the 7Ps you need in place for an effective, bestselling book launch.

We start with Purpose and Platform — the underpinning of your brand and business. Getting clear on your “Why”, setting strong and attainable goals, and identifying “for Whom” your brand serves, will set your Plan up for success.

Then, we’ll move into the 5 Key Components of any successful book launch: which Publishing avenue to pursue, what kind of Publicity you’ll solicit, a strong plan to drive Preorders, what to do, when (Pace), and strategies for ongoing, Perennial Promotion. 

Here’s how we’ll tackle each of the 7Ps over our 4-Day Live Lab:



PURPOSE: We’ll get clear on your WHY for writing your book and setting realistic, attainable goals for your launch.

PLATFORM: What social media strategies work? Ads? How can you build your email list subscribers leading up to your launch and leverage them to drive sales?


PUBLISHING: I’ll give you an overview of all of the publishing options available to you and the pros and cons of each so you can decide which path is best for you.

PUBLICITY: What kind of publicity is most effective? I’ll teach you how to engage publicists, podcasts, and secure endorsements.


PREORDERS: I’ll teach you why preorders are so important for a book and effective campaign strategies to drive maximum sales months in advance of your pub date.

PACE: With so many options for campaigns and communication with your audience — what should do you, when for optimal success? I’ll give you the play-by-play.



OPEN Q&A: As we wrap up the last day, I’ll leave plenty of time for you to ask direct questions and get feedback on your launch plan.

Each day, we’ll gather virtually, live, from 2:00 – 3:30 pm Eastern.

I’ve designed each lab to give you just the right amount of training, plus plenty of application time with guided exercises and downloads so you’re making plans for your launch each day.

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other Book Launch Lab members through our online platform to continue the relationship beyond the Lab!

Can’t make it live? Each day’s session will be recorded and provided to you to consume on your own time.

You’ll come away from Book Launch Lab with a deeper understanding of what you need (and don’t) plus specific, concrete plans you can immediately implement for your launch.


One-Time Payment


Hear from our clients:

“Jayme Johnson has done so much to help me spread the word about my book and blog, The Happiness Project. And working with Jayme is not only tremendously helpful, it’s a great pleasure.”

Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author, The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, The Four Tendencies, podcaster

“I’m grateful to Jayme Johnson of Worthy Marketing Group for her communication, connectedness, and wisdom.”

Brené Brown, New York Times bestselling author, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong 

“One of the reasons why I wanted to work with Worthy—so I would have my own team, my own support. It was the best investment I made in terms of the marketing part of the book launch.”

Courtney Carver, bestselling author of Soulful Simplicity, creator of Project 333. 




A client, early in his independent leadership consulting business, hired us to launch his book. Three months after the book’s publication, as a direct result of our efforts, a decision maker from a top fashion brand hired him for a six-figure consulting engagement.


Numerous clients with goals of growing their speaking careers, have hired us for book launches to get the book in the hands of corporations, speaking bureaus, or conferences to bundle the book with speaking engagements — increasing their speaking platforms, getting hired for multiple five-figure engagements.


Through the launch of a book, we’ve gotten books in the hands of top influential podcasters for interviews, then funneled newfound fans from these appearances into three and four-figure online programs.

You’ve put too much effort into writing your book TO NOT LAUNCH IT WITH IMPACT.


One-Time Payment


Have more Questions?

Who’s the ideal author for Book Launch Lab?

Nonfiction authors who are planning to launch their book within the next year and are looking for support and strategies around marketing. Ideally, you would also have a larger business behind your book — whether speaking, consulting, coaching, or selling online courses, so you can utilize the launch of the book to grow the larger brand & business.

How will the lab be delivered?

The training will be delivered live, daily, via Zoom from 2:00 – 3:30 pm Eastern on Monday, September 19th through Thursday, September 22nd. This will very much feel like a workshop environment with interaction among Jayme and BLL participants.

Should I be at a certain “level” to benefit from Book Launch Lab?

Not at all! While you’ll likely learn the most if you are a first-time author, even those who have published previous books will learn new information and strategies.

I’m a fiction author, can I still benefit from the course?

Perhaps, but the strategies and tactics I’ll be teaching in the lab are really geared toward authors with businesses where books are just a small part of their overall business plan. 

I still Have Questions...

No problem! Email Jayme Johnson directly and she’ll get right back to you! Jayme@WorthyMarketingGroup.com


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