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You want your work to make a positive impact in the world — whether you’re a personal brand, a small coaching or consulting firm, or a brick and mortar retailer, establishing and growing your online platform is paramount to the success of your business. Worthy Marketing Group is a trusted expert in authentic, honest, and fun digital marketing of all types.

Launching a book? An online coaching or educational program? Gluten-free cake mix? Whatever your product or offering, we partner with a select group of clients who have business goals in alignment with a positive and helpful ethos to make the world a better place, designing and implementing the unique strategies to get you there. We believe that authenticity is key to engagement and steer clear of anything that seems remotely sleazy. We facilitate genuine connection and engagement and believe the work is not so much about the numbers but the true impact you make on the world.

business strategy

Worthy Marketing Group harnesses strategy and marketing expertise from New York firms, digital start-ups, non-profits and more to bring your story to life. Our team helps you think through the big picture of positioning and then executes down to the details of digital assets and advertising. We make sure you position yourself apart from the crowd and that your voice is clear and easy to follow so that your fans become ambassadors for your tribe.

branding and design

You have a distinct voice to offer the marketplace, one that’s worthy of being heard, but you have to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of competitors vying for attention. We help thought-leaders, authors and small businesses build memorable brands by deconstructing their current positioning, getting to the heart of who they are and where they want to be, then creating and implementing the strategies to get there.

platform growth

You need an online platform and we help build it. Implementing the best practices and strategies to connect with your specific online audience, we use digital marketing to leverage you from competitors to grow your email list and social tribe. What social media platforms are the best fit for you? What trends make the most sense for your brand? It can be overwhelming to navigate – but we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

book and product launches

Let’s face it — with more than a million new books published annually, and more and more competitors in the online product space, it’s difficult to get noticed. We create and execute launch plans based upon the latest and best marketing strategies to optimize your website, push your content through viral channels, mobilize bloggers, and ultimately monetize your dream and build a fan base that will last beyond your next launch.

hear from our clients…

Jayme Johnson has done so much to help me spread the word about my book and blog, The Happiness Project. And working with Jayme is not only tremendously helpful, it’s a great pleasure.

Gretchen Rubin

#1 New York Times Best Selling Author

That’s really one of the reasons why I wanted to work with Worthy–so I would have my own team, my own support–because I knew that even though I had built a wonderful community and had great amazing support from other bloggers and other podcasters that I could reach out to, I wanted that extra level of help and I wasn’t sure what to expect on the publishing side. So having the publisher side and you [WMG] working together was much better in my opinion. It was really helpful–it was the best investment I made in terms of the marketing part of the book launch.

Courtney Carver

Soulful Simplicity + Project 333

on the WMG blog


what additional writing gigs are worth your time as an author?

If you are an author who has just spent weeks, months, or years writing a book (and perhaps you are still working a full-time job?), then you probably want to spend the least amount of time necessary to make your book the best it can be. You don’t want to waste the...

how do I get featured on a podcast? what is author outreach?

WMG has had the opportunity to work with uber-successful authors like Brene Brown, Gretchen Rubin, and AJ Jacobs to name a few. We’ve worked with them, and others, assisting in various capacities and across multiple book launches--and sometimes our clients end up on...

your photo library: why you really DO need a professional photo shoot

We can’t stress this enough. NO, the free photo you got from the photo store at the mall is not good enough. NO, the photos from your holiday card with your sister cropped out won’t work (yes, that’s really something someone asked). Let’s say it like this: a picture...

who should be on your launch team

Yet because the process of creating a book is just SO HARD, we recommend that authors create an entire “Book Launch Team” to maximize the return on their effort and investments. Did you know that most nonfiction books only sell about 250 copies in their lifetime? But of course, some of them make the New York Times best-seller list too, so how do you figure out where you fall on the spectrum? A lot of it comes down to your hustle and who you have on your team helping you spread the word.

how to get a BookBub “featured deal” (and why you’d want one!)

If you’re a big fan of your Kindle and cheap books, you probably already know all about BookBub. Just in case you’re in the dark on this excellent creation, BookBub is a daily newsletter with discounted e-books. Subscribers join the newsletter and choose which genres...

what to do with extra copies of your book

As an author, you’re almost always going to end up with some extra copies of your book. And sometimes, you can end up with a lot of copies. We’ve seen scenarios where garages are filled with books in an attempt at a best-seller campaign or where authors have to buy back any unsold copies from a retailer after a certain amount of time. Or sometimes if you’re self-publishing it just makes sense to order a lot of warehouse and ship them yourself.

what’s a street team? and how do I set one up?

As you’re getting ready to launch your product/book/store/shop/baby, you know that you have some connections who have said “let me know how I can help.” Or you know you have done some similar promotions for colleagues in the past and now it’s your turn to...

will this book make me rich? why you need a plan beyond your publishing date

You’re an entrepreneur, coach, creative, world-shaker, maybe all of the above, longing to make an impact in the world. You’ve considered (or even already started) writing a book to share your message, your expertise, and your vision for the future. You know that...

the top five pages to include on your website

But here’s the thing. For many of our Worthy Marketing Group clients, a website is less a piece de resistance and more a necessary evil. What we mean by this is that a responsive, well-organized, well-designed website is a definite benefit for most businesses — including authors and coaches. But it’s not the end-all, be-all of marketing for many of our clients.

launching your book, product, or course the WORTHY way — how to build to last

When we engage with clients we push them through the WORTHY Way, a framework to launch your W-WORTHY (we needed two W’s!)  message that is built to last.

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