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JAYME JOHNSON, founder & ceo

As the leader of Worthy Marketing Group, Jayme brings over 15  years of experience working with authors in a variety of functions. From her start as a founding team member of The Marcus Buckingham Company, playing key roles in brand and product development, to work as an account manager for a famed graphic design firm, Jayme has also worked on the publishing side with NYC-based literary agency Fletcher & Co. before working independently for several years leading book launches for authors before officially founding Worthy Marketing Group in 2009.

Jayme has a passion for helping authors, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders hone their messaging, connect with their audience in genuine and creative ways, and leverage their books and products to be all they can be.

Jayme lives in Atlanta with her husband Matt, son Ephram, and four fur babies—two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and two cats. In her spare time, she enjoys kitchen dance parties with her son and belting out show tunes.

executive director

With a foundation rooted in public service, Leslie came to WMG with a unique perspective: Her work with foster families and as Executive Director of the Georgia Mountains YMCA helped shape her into the empathetic and adaptable leader she is today. 

Leslie is, at her core, a problem-solver—whether it’s managing the growing pains encountered as WMG scales up its business or handling the minor crises of day-to-day operations, she is always up for a challenge. Even Leslie’s hobbies revolve around problem-solving: She is a self-described serious board game nerd and loves to attend board game conferences with her husband. She lives in Atlanta with her two children.

content strategist

Diane oversees our client editorial strategy and creates compelling copy for emails, webpages, online profiles and more. Diane began her career in publishing and has spent the past 25 years writing, editing, and studying the ins-and-outs of strategic communication.

In her off time, she can solve the New York Times crossword puzzle (up to Thursday #fridaygoals) and loves biking the trail to the local brewery. Mom to three daughters and two dogs, she is a transplant from California to Minnesota who is proud to now call the North her home.

digital ads manager

Regina manages the advertising campaigns for our Worthy clients. She has been designing and implementing marketing automation flows for seven years.

When she’s not creating sales & marketing funnels, she geeks out about plants, enjoys making fancy cocktails in the Vitamix, and indulges in the Instagram cat hole. Regina recently moved to Miami from Brooklyn where she built up an urban mushroom farm.

publicity & administration

An early entrepreneur, Jody began her own “virtual assistant” business in the late 80s before VAs were even a “thing.” Jody handles back-office administrative tasks for some of our clients, along with leading many of our publicity campaigns to bloggers, podcasters and speaking bureaus.

Jody lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Steve and identical twin cats Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen. When not at her desk, she enjoys being Grandma JoJo to ten grandchildren, working on house projects, bargain hunting and Mexican Fridays. Bonus fact: she’s also Jayme’s mom.

Do you want to make the world a better place too?

We have a floating internship each semester, where the only qualification is that you want to change the world. To apply, email transcripts and a cover letter that tells us what skills you bring to the table in regards to Worthy Marketing Group’s unique positioning platform (hint hint: no sleazy marketing gurus here!).

Sometimes we need all hands on deck (and sometimes we don’t). If you’re someone who understands the value of good design, targeted marketing, and clear copy, then we’d love to have your resume/portfolio on file. We are especially looking for video editors, graphic designers, and web developers/coders.

REACH OUT – email jayme@worthymarketinggroup.com


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