Worthy Marketing Group uses a proprietary methodology to create a comprehensive strategy that is unique to each of our clients’ brand and businesses. Flexible enough to first talk “big picture,” we are also detailed enough to design and execute the multitude of tasks required to create and maintain a seamless presence across multiple platforms.

branding and platform development

You have a distinct voice to offer the marketplace, one that’s worthy of being heard, but you have to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of competitors vying for attention.

We help thought leaders, authors, and small businesses build solid brands by deconstructing their current positioning, getting to the heart of who they are and where they want to be, then creating and implementing the strategies to get there –- via design, web development, social media strategy and engagement and other outreach initiatives.


web development

Even if you’re a shop on the corner, and especially if you’re building a presence online, you gotta have a digital home to interact with your followers and customers, serving as the hub of your marketing efforts. Whether you need a simple website refresh or an extensive overhaul as a result of our rebranding, we tackle all of our web design and development right here, in-house.

speaker launches

Trying to launch your speaking career? Speeches sell books! We will guide you through the production of a knockout speaker reel. No footage to speak of? No problem! We can guide you from start to finish, with the coordination of a video shoot all the way through to the production of the reel–complete with voiceover, soundtrack and motion graphics to wow the masses.

Once your speaker reel is created, you need people to see it!  We will create a bureau pitch package for you, complete with your speaker reel disk, biography, speech topics and fees, and distribute them to over 100 speaker bureaus for introductory phone calls and listing on their websites. Our goal is getting you booked with paid keynote speeches.


design (print and digital)

The overall look and feel of all that represents you and your brand really DOES communicate something to your audience –-positively, or negatively. As part of our branding process we help ensure our clients are positioned as positively as possible (say that four times fast!) which involves ensuring beautifully designed and cohesive collateral, websites, and social media platforms, so that followers and customers gain the essence of who you are in a consistent manner.

book launches

Let’s face it–with more than a million new books published annually, and the publishing landscape in constant flux, which means it’s difficult for authors to get noticed.

We create a plan that optimizes your website, pushes your content through viral channels, mobilizes bloggers, leverages your video, and ultimately builds a fan base that will last beyond your next book. We’re not as much about book marketing as we are about author marketing: using your book as a marketing tool to further grow and elevate your larger business goals.


product development

Desire passive income?  Who doesn’t!  Do you need help monetizing your business in other ways beyond a book or speaking?  Something that once created you can “set and forget”? Let WMG strategize, consult, and manage the process from start to finish.  From consultation on idea generation through product design, development and fulfillment solutions –- we’ll guide you through it all to get you on your way to the barcalounger with money in your pocket.

email marketing

With the algorithms of your favorite social media channels constantly adjusting to the whims of the market, we recommend that you do more than social media to stay in touch with your fans. Email marketing, in a way that comes across as authentic and interesting, keeps your fans in the know of your progress and helps them serve as positive brand ambassadors for you! We set up a beautiful, mobile responsive template for you and can continue to make it happen month after month.