The Worthy Marketing Group team loves working with clients who want to bring their wisdom to the world and help share a message that perpetuates all things good. Last week, we helped Dr. John Izzo and Dr. Jeff Vanderwielen launch their book, The Purpose Revolution: How Leaders Create Engagement and Competitive Advantage in an Age of Social Good

The book leads readers in harnessing the power of purpose in their careers and helps them to shift from focusing on the day-to-day minutia and embrace the deeper purpose of work. It also helps educate team leaders and managers in how to best adjust company culture and WHY they should embrace the age of social good.

WMG thinks this message is ON POINT.

Clients often ask us to help them pull together a social share package that they can share with their followers. This is a great exercise for any author, PLUS it’s a really great fit for the Izzo/Vanderwielen team who wants to share a message that perpetuates social good. This document makes it EASY for other people to share your message and spread the word.

who gets a copy of this social share document?

  • An Insider Group that has helped spread the word about the launch from the very beginning and has been a part of the behind-the-scenes action (cover designs, pre-order ideas, giveaways, etc.)
  • Social Media Followers and Fans (we often work with clients for about six  months before the release of their book to help build up their engagement with social media)
  • Email list(s)
  • Bloggers and Podcasters from your top key markets (WMG reaches out to like-minded bloggers and podcasters in advance of launch day to secure posts and interviews)
  • Your Mom 🙂

Different groups of people want to share different types of content across their platforms. Bloggers and Podcasters usually want a guest post, excerpt, or interview, but sometimes they are happy to pull something from a social share document.

So, what’s included in a social share document? Any kind of “grab-and-go” posts that can be copied and pasted into a platform should be included, but you may be wondering about specifics:

  • Posts for Facebook and LinkedIn: These should follow the normal format for a post on these platforms and be a couple of sentences long.
  • Tweets: Include hashtags that you’ve been using throughout your campaign or create one for the release.
  • Insta:Include hashtags that you’ve been using throughout your campaign or create one for the release – make sure there are some great photos for them to download and use (see next bullet point).
  • Images: This should include headshots and pictures of the book, in addition to images to use on social media and blog posts.
  • Links: You’ll want to include links to pre-order, order, and also  all your personal links (social media, website, etc.)
  • Excerpts: Choose a couple of blog-length excerpts to include in the document that make sense as stand-alone pieces that can be used by your followers and friends.
  • Review Blurbs: If you already have influencer quotes about your work, include them.

Create a social share package to help your connections help YOU. Spread the love and do some good — buy The Purpose Revolution and share a review on GoodReads and Amazon.

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