keeping people coming back for more

How do you keep people coming back for more of your content/product/brand? I like to compare the process to my former job of working in museum public programs (the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC and the Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX). On the surface, my start in museum work and switch to digital marketing may seem like entirely different careers, yet the links between the two formats have helped me grow my clients’ tribes in authentic and honest ways.

a one-time visit

Let’s start with the museum model: a museum has an exhibit. They want visitors to come and see it, however after the visitors see the exhibit, there is not much reason to return. Enter the education and public programs departments to keep visitors coming back time after time, for adult, intergenerational and school programs.

For authors and businesses, it’s quite similar. Someone buys your book or hears you talk (and of course loves it!), but then what? How do you keep engaging with them? How do you turn them into broadcasters for your brand?

ways to convert one-time visitors to repeat visitors

  • First – take the time to figure out who your ideal audience is and don’t waste your time trying to attract the general public!
  • Second – figure out what that audience is interested in. Not everything has to be straight-on. If you are trying to promote a book on Yoga, don’t just look for students at yoga studios…What other things are yoga students interested in? Are there specific brands, fitness styles, or other areas of interest? Make a list.
  • Third – are there other thought leaders who are attracting the audience you’ve identified? Make a list of those people, too. Remember — you’re thinking about if the audience might be interested in your content, not the specific thought leader.
  • Fourth – take your list of audience interests and thought leaders and use that list to make a new list of content to create and/or share on your social media platforms that those people will like. Make it a mix of other people’s content and content you create yourself.
  • Fifth – make a plan. Remember that your audience is made up of a lot of people with a lot of different interests. Some like to read, some listen, some watch videos. Some want free content every day or every week. Some will be ready to invest in what you’re offering to work more with you. Plan for different price points for your paid offerings that allow those who are just testing the waters to invest a little and those who are ready to jump in can invest at a higher level.

repeat visitors become your tribe

Social media (combined with an email list) allows brands to continually engage with customers and clients. Sharing authentic stories on social media builds trust between you and your fans. When your fans understand and believe in your message then they become brand ambassadors, helping to spread your worthy message.

build your brand, not just your book

At Worthy Marketing Group, we’re not as much about book marketing as we are about author marketing: we want you to use your book as a marketing tool to further grow and elevate your larger business goals — to keep your fans coming back time and again. Your social media strategy should be a long-term strategy — anybody can pay for quick followers (we’ve had some clients do that and they end up with a list of Turkish men who don’t speak English (NO JOKE) – when their audience was English speaking women)

You want a tribe that wants to engage with you and your content. Those relationships will follow you through additional book launches, passive income programs, tours, or wherever else your journey leads.

If you engage with people and build your platform, instead of just focusing on the book,  your tribe will keep coming back for more!

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