Many of you asked for a deeper dive into street teams after our first overview article. So, once you’ve got a handle on the big picture of why and how to create a street team, jump into these actionable templates we modified just for you.

application form example

Send a form like this one out to your entire list a few months before the book launch. Keep in mind, it will take some time to get everyone signed up and you might need to send it more than once, so we recommend starting about 3 months before the book launch date.

Important: Before swiping the content in this form, make sure you read through it thoroughly and change anything and everything that doesn’t apply to your specific situation.

social share folder example

Once people fill out the application form, this folder is an example of the main link you will hand out to every street team applicant (as long as you accept onto the team, of course). Make your own version of this folder, fill it in with meme images they can share on social media and specific details pertaining to your book. Make sure it is in view-only mode and then send it to each street team member along with a note of acceptance onto the street team.

If you prefer, you can also upload these assets to a separate “hidden, but published” page on your website.

communication timeline

This is an example of the types of emails you will want to send throughout the Street Team phase. Add these to your editorial calendar to remind you & your team to write and send them.

(Bonus tip: If you don’t yet have an editorial calendar, an easy way to create one is to make a new calendar inside of whatever calendar program you use titled “Editorial Calendar for [BOOK TITLE OR BUSINESS NAME].” Then, each piece of communication can be added as a calendar event for the day.)

email templates

Send these emails out to your list AFTER you have already invited your list to join the street team. If any of your engaged contacts didn’t sign up, it is likely they are still willing to help when asked directly. Chances are they didn’t see the street team invitations OR they don’t have the bandwidth for a larger commitment like the street team requires. So, we recommend sending these emails personally from you (not from your marketing automation software) to any connections who you think would be happy to help.

So when are you going to build and engage with your street team? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing Timeline download for our detailed advice.

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