When we engage with clients we guide them through the WORTHY Way, a framework to launch your W-WORTHY (we needed two W’s!)  message that is built to last.

you are worthy to do this work.

Don’t doubt your purpose to bring your message to the world.

As the Founder of Worthy Marketing Group, I didn’t choose our name lightly! I was very clear about wanting to be of service to empower experts and thought leaders to share their worthy messages in the world. It’s easy to forget that we–ourselves–are worthy, not just the work! Be vulnerable and step up and do the work—you are worthy enough to do this work! You are worthy to bring this work into the world! You are you and no one else is you.

what’s your why?

Why are you doing what you’re doing?
This is hard work, get clear on your reasons before you start.

Although this is not a new concept, we’re still amazed by the clients we see that don’t have a clear answer to this question. Before you go any further on your journey, stop and get clear on your why you’re doing this work. Verbalize your values and make sure your WHY and your values line up so you’re working in alignment.

optimize for overwhelm.

Prioritize, because you can’t do everything well.

There are so many ways to do things, so many ways to promote your message or product—yet (no matter how hard you try) you can’t do it all if you’re a small business, entrepreneur, or side-hustler. So, you need to plan it out and decide what is realistic with your current bandwidth. Decide what is realistic to do with your time, can you hire someone to help? What is your budget?

Hone your interests and “homes” on social media where you feel like you can optimize your time. Avoid shiny object syndrome because you’re following through with a focused and well-thought out plan.

rally your tribe.

Find the right people to share your content with and create ways to resonate with them.

Build a community! How can you build evangelists for your ideas and brand? Give away content and build trust—at a 10:1 ratio. That allows you to be perceived as someone excited to share this content (because you care and want to share, not because you’re trying to make money). Figure out what thought leaders are in your space; how can you work with them to share this message? How can you find influencers outside of your sphere to help tell your story?

take time to tell.

Share your offering with your tribe, sales don’t have to be sleazy.

Telling is something we often forget. Announcing your book, course, or product is a long-term game—you can’t just do it once (!). The reality is that 95% of the time our clients aren’t telling people enough about their product and mission. Don’t assume that people saw your first announcement(s), you must plan on telling your audience repeatedly about your WORTHY product. And discover fun, new ways to tell your story in the process!

ask for feedback.

Hearing your tribe allows you to create better products and services in the future.

When we neglect to listen to our people and neglect to even ask what our people are wanting, we lose a chance to grow in a way that makes sense. Build feedback options into your editorial calendar: think about Facebook polls, Instagram story quizzes, direct asks, and emails. Weave in listening to your audience into your plan.

give a year of focus.

Devote a full year of focus after your launch date.

So often, we don’t give our products (whether it’s a book or a course or another type of product) enough time of pushing and promotion. It’s great to focus for a few weeks around your launch date, but don’t give up there! Where can you spread out to share your message? What conferences should you attend? Which groups might want to have you as a speaker? For those who are launching a product for the first time, you need to plan on Round 1 being a test round; use this first go-round to work out the kinks and build up your own learning. Give yourself up to three planned launches in the first year to continually tweak your product so that you’ve honed your message by the end of the year.

want to know more?

Watch Worthy Marketing Group CEO and Founder Jayme Johnson discuss the WORTHY Framework.

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