WMG has had the opportunity to work with uber-successful authors like Brene Brown, Gretchen Rubin, and AJ Jacobs to name a few. We’ve worked with them, and others, assisting in various capacities and across multiple book launches–and sometimes our clients end up on Reese Witherspoon’s book club list, or Oprah’s list, or they have a book that inspires a television series on CBS.

So, it’s no surprise that every client wants those opportunities when we include influencer outreach in our scope of work at the beginning of a client engagement; however, our firm specializes in securing non-traditional media outlets.

traditional vs non-traditional media outlets

Let me be clear–we will bust it to help you have a successful book launch and make your book the best that it can be! We will help you create a funnel that will lead to future book deals, passive income program launches, and assist you in your journey to build a group of engaged followers. We can even help you coordinate all of the details if Ellen invites you to share your book on her show, but Reese, Ellen, and Oprah are more like traditional media outlets and Worthy Marketing Group has the most success with non-traditional outreach.

I say “more like” because the line has gotten more and more blurry over the last decade, but traditional outlets are news stations, radio, print and sometimes online magazines who accept a pitch (with an angle) from a publicity firm. There are many traditional marketing firms out there who have relationships built up with producers and reporters, we just have a different focus and want to be clear about that with our clients. Non-traditional outlets are bloggers and podcasters who are online influencers and offer the opportunity for guest columns, newsletter mentions, interviews, podcasts, and article postings timed to hit within your book’s release window.

Sometimes we will secure an opportunity via HARO (Help a Reporter Out), and at one point some of our social media work on Pinterest led to conversations about a reality show–and again, Oprah and Reese–but those are exceptions. A good rule of thumb is that if an outlet is an individual blogger or podcaster, versus. an online “forum” or multi-contributor type of outlet then they are non-traditional media. There are some multi-contributor outlets that allow guest posts where we’ve had a lot of success where we do reach out–so it’s not necessarily cut and dry.

The benefit of non-traditional outreach is that recommendations DRIVE sales, so if we reach out to 100 online influencers and secure about 20% of those then hundreds of thousands of blog readers and podcast listeners are hearing recommendations for your book and they’re hearing that the week of release. Those kinds of numbers can help you to be very successful with your launch.

We also tailor our outreach work into a list of influencers that match up with YOUR worthy message. So, we don’t reach out to a business blogger if your book is about parenting. We scour the internet for blogs and podcasts that are relevant and pitch to both new outlets and those with whom we’ve built a relationship over our work in the last 10 years. We customize your list, encourage you to engage with these influencers on social media, and pitch to them based on what you’ll be able to offer to their audience.  

We want your WORTHY message to be heard and we will get that message in front of influencers to help drive sales.


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