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You want your work to make a positive impact in the world — whether you’re a personal brand, a small coaching or consulting firm, or a brick and mortar retailer, establishing and growing your online platform is paramount to the success of your business. Worthy Marketing Group is a trusted expert in authentic, honest, and fun digital marketing of all types.

Launching a book? An online coaching or educational program? Gluten-free cake mix? Whatever your product or offering, we partner with a select group of clients who have business goals in alignment with a positive and helpful ethos to make the world a better place, designing and implementing the unique strategies to get you there. We believe that authenticity is key to engagement and steer clear of anything that seems remotely sleazy. We facilitate genuine connection and engagement and believe the work is not so much about the numbers but the true impact you make on the world.

business strategy

Worthy Marketing Group harnesses strategy and marketing expertise from New York firms, digital start-ups, non-profits and more to bring your story to life. Our team helps you think through the big picture of positioning and then executes down to the details of digital assets and advertising. We make sure you position yourself apart from the crowd and that your voice is clear and easy to follow so that your fans become ambassadors for your tribe.

branding and design

You have a distinct voice to offer the marketplace, one that’s worthy of being heard, but you have to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of competitors vying for attention. We help thought-leaders, authors and small businesses build memorable brands by deconstructing their current positioning, getting to the heart of who they are and where they want to be, then creating and implementing the strategies to get there.

platform growth

You need an online platform and we help build it. Implementing the best practices and strategies to connect with your specific online audience, we use digital marketing to leverage you from competitors to grow your email list and social tribe. What social media platforms are the best fit for you? What trends make the most sense for your brand? It can be overwhelming to navigate – but we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

book and product launches

Let’s face it — with more than a million new books published annually, and more and more competitors in the online product space, it’s difficult to get noticed. We create and execute launch plans based upon the latest and best marketing strategies to optimize your website, push your content through viral channels, mobilize bloggers, and ultimately monetize your dream and build a fan base that will last beyond your next launch.

hear from our clients…

Jayme Johnson has done so much to help me spread the word about my book and blog, The Happiness Project. And working with Jayme is not only tremendously helpful, it’s a great pleasure.

Gretchen Rubin

#1 New York Times Best Selling Author

on the WMG blog

book club discussion guides

As another new to the scene, you want to get your message that you’ve worked so hard in crafting into the hands of as many people as possible, right? (Yes, many authors come to us wanting to reach best-seller status). Obviously, you don’t have to create a book club discussion guide to get your book in front of people, BUT it is a nice perk to have on your website. We often advise and assist clients to create a “lead generation magnet” when trying to promote their book. From pre-order incentives to a chapter download, the goal is to capture the mighty email address and “list build.” So, a book club guide is a great way to get folks to your site and give them something for free, no email required. 

judging a book by its cover

I love to meander through a bookstore looking at the cover art and reading the titles. Does a person who loves to read ever NOT enjoy that? I cringe, though, when I see a book whose cover has been very poorly designed. I wonder if the author designed it themselves,...

case study: Soulful Simplicity book launch with Courtney Carver

We were thrilled to be a part of the launch of Courtney Carver’s book, Soulful Simplicity, last year. Courtney came to us with a well-established platform from years spent blogging on her site, Be More With Less. She’d also been part of Minimalism: A Documentary About...

Instagram for authors

Sure, Instagram is a hot platform. Every author, thought leader, and coach should be on Instagram, right? There can be a lot of confusion around picking the right social media platform when you’re putting together a launch plan for your new book. Here’s a secret...

building connections

New WMG team member Alexis Bierman shares her thoughts on making connections between Worthy Marketing Group authors Courtney Carver, Gretchen Rubin and Dean and Ayesha Sherzai.

who’s the best speaking bureau?

we hear this question a lot from our clients: "who is the best speaking bureau?" Our answer? A very unexciting - "There isn't one."  What we mean by that is while there are clearly some well-known speaking bureaus that have been around for decades and represent some...

be good. do good. share good.

Why you should create a social share document for your book launch, with stories from THE PURPOSE REVOLUTION book lanch.

step away from the boost button (unless…)

It is so tempting, it seems so easy—boost this post and great things will happen! Right? Wrong. In most cases, it is a waste of your money to use the boost post feature in Facebook. why we don't like it  When we get access to client accounts and take a look at the...

connect with your fans on Facebook live

Facebook Live has taken over the newsfeed and is an effective way to reach out to existing -- and new -- audiences. It's an ideal format for impromptu shares, live Q&A sessions with your followers and informal 'out and about' videos giving a glimpse into your life....

what to expect from your publisher when you’re expecting…a book

your publisher has all the bases covered for your book marketing... or perhaps not It happens a lot – I hop on a phone call with a new contact to discuss the potential of partnering with them on their upcoming book launch. It’s their first book. They have a relatively...

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